NOT Madonna

Jaw dropping just doesn’t do it justice.

When the image of Miley Cyrus wearing almost nothing, bent over on a stage flashed on my computer screen, I just thought, “Whatever, here we go again.”

But, to all the girls who grew up watching her make exaggerated gestures in response to a weekly dilemma on her Disney sitcom, this was not whatever.

It was a jaw-dropping, “What?”

Seeing the reactions of my children and so many of the kids my children grew up with made me rethink what I actually saw.

My whatever was their shock.

Why shock?

Well, it’s shock because she’s NOT Madonna. She’s a Disney character come to life.

English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert
English: Miley Cyrus singing in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She’s what they watched “make mistakes” and who they identified and laughed with. So, yes, as much as I’d like to say, “Aw shucks, she’s just growing up like everybody else, she’s not.”

It’s just not the same as Madonna shocking the crap out of everyone in the 80s, the 90s, and every decade since.

Madonna Inn #2
Madonna Inn #2 (Photo credit: Atomic Mutant Flea Circus)

Madonna existed on a platform of her own. She was never pimped out to Disney. She broke stigmas because she was a badass from the start.

So, the impact is very different.

It’s a statement.

It is art.

No matter how raw or vulgar the art is.

The issue with Miley Cyrus is and always will be that she grew up symbolizing Disney sass, not badass.

I don’t even think, “Wow, she’s really pushing the envelope. I’m starting to respect her.” I just shrug and chalk her up to just another Disney drop out who’s throwing a tantrum because she doesn’t want to be seen like a child but still wants attention.

Written for the DP Challenge.


Published by Lisa Chesser

I'm a writer, editor, award-winning educator, and marketing professional who hopes to rally everyone around one single mantra: Be brave, smart, and bold. As an educator, I love to remind students to dream in the midst of politics gone mad! Thus, I am also a dreamer.

11 thoughts on “NOT Madonna

  1. It was super ridiculous! I’ve never been a fan of her, or MTV for that matter, but I was saddened by her behavior. This was not really because she used to be a Disney Darling and is a role model to young girls everywhere, although that is sad. It was mostly because I believe she has no respect for herself as a woman and commits to degrading herself in order to get attention. And that does send a message to young girls that if you want to be successful, just get naked and jiggle around on stage with your tongue hanging out of your mouth like Laborador in a car window. My coworker was watching her newest music video and told me it was pornographic. She was licking on a sledge hammer like it was an ice cream cone. Weird, but I guess she likes the taste of rusty metal. I hope she’s had a tetanus shot in the last ten years!


    1. I agree and I don’t agree. I think sexual expression is also important. I’m not here to put limitations on people as much as comment on how it affects my life and the people in my life. That said, I am disgusted with it because it’s clearly sensational and done with total disregard for a fan base that made her famous in the first place. I did use it to discuss with my kids the way we look to others when we lash out or put ourselves in difficult situations. But, ultimately, she’s just selling herself short, which she has every right to do.


      1. Oh yes, absolutely. Sexual expression is important and I am not meaning to make it sound like I do not approve of women expressing their sexuality. But, I was just saying, there is a difference between expressing your sexuality, like Madonna, and making yourself a sex object, like Miley. It’s about sexual power, not objectification I think. But, like you said, she has every right to do it and we cannot limit other people.


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