Education Simplified

Learn how to maneuver through the English language with an expert by your side.

You don’t have to feel like you’re going crazy. I’ve been there,
and I wish I had known what I know now.


Expect improvements when I work with your child. Wherever we start, your child will finish with success.

Parent + Teacher

As a mother and a teacher, I’ve experienced the joy and hardship of education from both perspectives.


Besides teaching students for 13 years, I’m a writer and editor with the practical knowledge students need.

  • Teach students to work smart, not hard.
  • Teach students that obstacles are opportunities.
  • Teach students simple but useful ways to beat the test.
  • Teach students to understand words in their own way.


If you don’t like somethingchange itIf you can’t change itchange your attitude.”  

Maya Angelou

Received an Excellence in Teaching Award for helping students achieve 50% learning gains over three consecutive years.
Students learned more because I didn’t follow any of the accepted practices. I approached learning differently and it changed everything.

About Us

After winning the Excellence in Teaching Award for helping students achieve 50% learning gains in three consecutive years, I realized that I’d done something different, something that could change the way students learn.

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I’ll meet you somewhere over the ocean in a cloud with a laptop, a smartphone, a coffee, and sunglasses (and a life vest).

Miami, FL