My great grandfather, Robert L. Stanford, not only survived the Great Depression but employed and fed the people in his community, just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

He owned a bakery and built his success by connecting with his fellow human being. Now that’s growth marketing.

I use words the way my great grandfather used a simple loaf of bread – to cultivate strong connections.

My specialties include:
Strategic Copywriting
Growth Marketing
E-commerce Strategies
Content Writing

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Tapping into the beauty of being human creates growth. By working with marketing and development teams in Mexico and the Ukraine, I help launch successful websites.

Ecommerce Websites

From vanity phone number services to nutrition industries, I produce copy that provides a competitive edge. After studying the competition, I build strategies that amp up the unique aspects of the client’s project.

Copywriting Strategy

I make sure the copy matches the client’s vision not only to communicate it clearly but to also share the essence of the client’s own enthusiasm for the product or service. By using a multi-faceted approach to SEO strategy, I craft better organic copy and content without killing the creativity that makes the copy organic in the first place.

Content Writing

Clear, informative, and engaging content reels the reader in for more.

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I wrote the following posts for InformEd at Open Colleges. I pitched the ideas and wrote deliberately long pieces for better search results.

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