Editor, Content Creator, Writer, and Award-Winning Educator
Lisa Chesser builds brands by tapping on letters.

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Need an expert?

Companies count on me to enhance their brands with expert storytelling that includes SEO without the boring regurgitation of the same topic robotically repeated in an article. I’m pretty sure there’s a human reading that content.

I’m an editor, educator, and a writer with the experience of a seasoned professional and the energy of a kid. I find unique ways to tackle problems that companies have been dealing with for too long. Do you need help promoting a product? Do you need to repurpose your website’s content? Do you just need new content? I’m here to help. I work with clients by asking questions, researching problem areas, and setting goals that make sense by using common sense and straight-forward communication.

Working For You

Education Consultant
If you need a tutor or consultant for reading or writing, I specialize in helping children become better readers and writers with specific strategies that empower children.


Writer, Content Creator, Editor, Content Manager
BraveSmartBold & Independent Contractor (2001-Present)
“Although successful content depends on SEO, it doesn’t have to bore readers to death. Building engaging stories with brands that consumers value and appreciate creates connections and loyalty.” Currently collaborating on scripts with filmmakers and content creation for websites. Working on websites for various individuals and organizations. Past collaborations included trial consultants, filmmakers, salons, local and national magazines (including Ocean Drive Magazine and Miami Magazine), PGA golf, and Loreal products.

Language Arts Teacher, Grade Level Chair
at Archimedean Middle Conservatory (2006 – 2019)
Taught students reading and writing skills within the standard and common core curriculum while adding interest by utilizing popular literature, news articles, and technology. Enhanced student learning by publishing digital magazines showcasing students’ articles and artwork. Ensured cross-curricular educational standards were implemented throughout multiple subject areas. Won the Excellence in Teaching Award for helping students achieve 50 percent learning gains above the average for three consecutive years.

Content Writer at Open Colleges
(2013 – 2014)
Generated ideas (all of which were used for articles) and pitched them to the editors. Wrote web content highlighting the educational experience.

Publications Specialist at Florida International University
(1999 – 2001)
Coordinated, organized, generated, edited, and designed documents, brochures, posters, flyers and other publications within the department. Worked on tight deadlines. Constantly communicated with the majority of staff in the entire department on all projects in publications.

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