International Day of the Girl

Today my daughter spoke to a group of middle schoolers about bullying. She had originally created an anti-bullying campaign for the elementary students at her school. When the principal of the middle school saw the posters and asked her to speak to the middle schoolers, this ten-year-old girl spoke passionately about standing up for yourself and doing what’s right.

Afterward, students came to her to thank her for speaking out.

Bully Buster
By Daisy Maldonado

All children should be able to do this.

International Day of the Girl.


Published by

Lisa Chesser

I'm a writer, artist, mother, and award-winning educator who hopes to rally everyone around one single mantra: Be brave, smart, and bold.

13 thoughts on “International Day of the Girl

  1. Hi Lisa

    It is such a speechless moment of glory of you. You are the proud mother of a brave daughter who did something that barely anyone her age would even have an idea about. Do convey her my love and support.


  2. That is really inspirational, if someone was confident and brave enough to speak about bullying at my school, when I was younger, not a teacher but a fellow student, I think a whole lot of those kids would be very inspired!

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