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With a sparkle we go

With a sparkle in her eyes, she asked, “Are you ready?”

“Let’s go.”

With a sparkle in his eyes, he told a story I’d never forget.

Leonard Pitts, Jr. read from Chapter 2 in his new novel, The Last Thing You Surrender. His voice bending into the different characters as if he lived their lives, breathed their breaths, and felt their pain.

With a sparkle in my eyes, I whispered, “Thank you,” to my daughter.

Still groggy from the day before, I wanted to give up on the event I’d been dreaming about for weeks. I started folding the clothes I’d laid out the night before.

“You want to go the the Book Fair?” she asked.

I looked at her like she was crazy. “I have too much to do baby.”

“Awww, c’mon. You’ve been wanting to go. I bet you’ll feel better afterward.”

“We’ll see.” I folded clothes.

Then, I remembered a simple thought, from somewhere, “You have to be nice to yourself or nothing will change.”

I grabbed some folded clothes and announced that we should go before anyone notices we’re gone.

Through the sky we went, passing buildings and spaces, sparkling to light our path along the way.


See Wynwood Walls at the Miami Book Fair

Taking the metro to the Miami Book Fair seems surreal and yet so appropriate. Flying through the city in anticipation holds you in a new, fresh realm. 

Right now, Miami weather offers a gust of crisp, fresh air when the doors peel open and you step onto the platform.

Walking downtown gives you the feeling that you could be in New York on a mildly chilly day. Buying food from street carts and feeling some salt in the air reminds you that you’re still in Miami.

But, it’s as you approach the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus, that you realize this week, you’re luckier than New Yorkers because you’re about to enter the Miami Dade Book Fair where authors bring words as gifts that will transform your hearts and minds. 

If you can’t attend during the week, try to stop by on Saturday or Sunday November 22 and 23. Some of the most entertaining moments are yet to come.

Among those moments on Saturday, I hope to attend the event with Jessica Goldman Shrebnik, Hal Rubenstein, and Martha Cooper. They’ll be discussing Rubenstein and Coopers, Walls of Change:  The Story of Wynwood Walls

Goldman Shrebnick became an inspiration for me and my family when we read about her accomplishments in INDULGE magazine, a special publication by the Miami Herald. She’s the CEO of Goldman Properties and co-founded Goldman Global Arts, which is a creative collective based in Miami and New York. 

GGA challenges us to rethink the way we view art and opens our minds to new possibilities with projects that highlight street artists and public art.

Coming from a family of artists with a daughter who’s spent the last four years at an intense art high school, Design and Architecture Senior High, we honor such inspirational groups who take the time to give artists an avenue to express themselves and ultimately change lives. 

You can find out more about GGA and it’s projects by visiting

Goldman Global Arts.

Learn more about the Miami Book Fair through the website or their guide.

The Miami Book Fair

Find the best authors at THE MIAMI BOOK FAIR



Everything that many book lovers usually run from will be swirling around and crackling through the air at the Miami Book Fair in the coming weeks. 

The first time I took my kids there, I was slapped with screeching children, tents with more screeching children, loud music, and sometimes happy, mostly angry parents.

Don’t worry, though, if your kids are still young enough to participate in these activities, the events scheduled are really incredibly engaging and worthwhile.

Click on the menu on the upper left corner of the screen once you arrive at the main page. From there, explore all the various categories available.

 The Miami Book Fair Events

Now that I’m the oh-so lucky parent of teenagers, that is a memory I plan to keep a memory, not to be repeated. On that same link, you’ll find some events specifically for teenagers if you can lure them from their bedroom lairs. 

This year, I plan to avoid all child-related activities by attending only the author sessions with the rest of the grumpy, sometimes content, mostly reclusive adults–just the way I like it.

The beauty of the book fair  is really that there’s something for everyone, even kids. My problem, at least that first time around, was that I didn’t even look at the schedule. Go to the guide below for more information.

The authors who will be reading and discussing books at the Miami Book Fair consists of a vibrant array of talent and wisdom matched with intensity and humor. 

One of my favorite authors will be reading there, so I’m going to attend for that brief moment of bliss. 

Leonard Pitts Jr.

When I first read an article by Leonard Pitts, Jr., I felt more a little more alive. His ability to play words like a master pianist left me reading his thoughts as if I were dancing across a pond without touching the water.

A Pulitzer Prize winning author and a columnist, Pitts has offered insights into current events that challenge even the most liberal thinker to think again.

Sample Columns

At the Fair, he’ll be reading from his new novel The Last Thing You Surrender, which is linked to his website. There you can find some of his written pieces so you can read some of his work.



The Last Thing You Surrender: A Novel of World War II

You can find out more about the Fair in the MIA Fair produced through ISSUU.