Reading Help: 3 Simple Tools to Encourage Reading

Getting your child to read more is the parenting challenge of the 21st Century. Forget about how hard it is for an English teacher to get a student to read a book. Even if you’re lucky enough to have one parent staying at home, that doesn’t mean the parent can just make a child miraculously love to read. However, these three tools will help your child read a little more each day.

  1. Subscribe to magazines.
    Subscribing to magazines makes it easier for you and your child to read more. It seems simple enough, but many of us adults don’t subscribe to magazines anymore because it’s simply too easy to read for free online. That’s great for adults but stinks for kids.
    Kids are constantly looking for something to do when they don’t have the television or a device in front of them. Having magazines around provides them with the opportunity to read, ask questions, and read some more.
    Amazon has great deals available.
    Kids magazines
    Magazines such as <a rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”National Geographic Kids (opens in a new tab)” href=”http://<a target=”_blank” href=”″>National Geographic Kids</a>""National Geographic Kids and Highlights give kids a chance to explore interesting stories and flex their reading muscles.
  2. Join Literati.
    If you haven’t heard of Literati, you need to check out the website. A new company, the Literati team have created an innovative, fun twist on celebrating books and reading.
    With beautiful illustrations, boxed sets, book clubs, and more Literati sets a fun tone for reading that makes it easy on parents and kids.
  3. Finally, investing in a Kindle or iPad or any reader you prefer gives your child access to hundreds of books. I actually prefer the Kindle because it includes tons of deals on books and kids are less likely to play with popular apps on them as they grow older.

More than any tool, nothing beats turning off all electronics and talking to each other. That’s why literati is by far my favorite recommendation. The books inspire creativity and give everyone a break from their screens. Never before have we all needed something so simple yet so important.


Published by Lisa Chesser

I'm a writer, editor, award-winning educator, and marketing professional who hopes to rally everyone around one single mantra: Be brave, smart, and bold. As an educator, I love to remind students to dream in the midst of politics gone mad! Thus, I am also a dreamer.

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