Writing & Editing Services

In need of a content writer, copywriter, editor, copyeditor for a website or other material such as scripts, essays or books? I’m perfect for the job. Because my experience taps into just about every creative field including journalism, I offer any company, startup, or individual the critical tools and invaluable help that enhances its product or idea and ensures its success.

Please take some time to view my LinkedIn resume and links to articles and posts I’ve written.

If there are mistakes, they are few and far between. Outside of the main points on my resume, I’ve worked for trial consultants, engineers, lawyers, filmmakers, comedians, and producers. References are available upon request.

All services are negotiable whether hourly or for longer periods of time.

Please email Lisa at lisaannchesser@gmail.com for more information or to initiate a conversation about any help you need with your work.

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