Resume & Portfolio

Besides writing here at BraveSmartBold, Lisa Chesser has written articles for many print and digital publications. She continues to work as a copywriter, copyeditor, an editor, a publications specialist, an advertiser, a graphic artist, and a teacher. You can find her resume on LinkedIn.
The following links provide some digital samples of her work.
A feature about an actress and comedian for
Eden Magazine
Combining family, parenting, humor, and education, Lisa also creates unique articles from a first-person point of view.
Refrigerator Art Changed My Life
Home Sweet Home .
Weird is a Parenting Superpower
Parents Need Writing Therapy
P.S. I Love You
True Love Means They Won’t Always Love You Back
The Ascent
A Sticky Note Wall Came Tumbling Down
Proud member of The Writing Cooperative that’s now using her suggested name for the newsletter
The Write Up!
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