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Because I’m an educator and have taught for 13 years and counting, I know the value of one-on-one as well as face-to-face classroom attention with students.

Students learn more with human interaction because, well, they are human. No matter how much they complain about teachers, other students, or having to interact with other humans, a screen isn’t the ultimate answer to improvement in education.

However, I also know the difficulties students encounter in a classroom learning environment. If the student is distracted or the teacher can’t connect with the student for whatever reason, that student won’t fully benefit from the teacher’s lesson.

So, here are some helpful resources for students who need some extra practice with reading and writing.

Commonlit has short stories and articles with question sets for grades 3-12, and it’s completely free.

NoRedInk is another great tool for students and parents because it not only teaches students the basics of grammar teaching students a rule then having them apply it, but it also starts a student with questions about their favorite shows and characters it creates bizarre sentences as practice tools. Most of the program is free, minus some more detailed grammar practice and then writing practice.

I could give you a whole lot more, but those are the best for reading comprehension, higher order thinking skills, and grammar basics for all grade levels.

If students are prepping for SAT or ACT exams, there’s nothing better than using Khan Academy and Membean. They’re thorough and rival a lot of the large textbooks and companies that can cost a fortune.


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